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Pando was founded in 1996, 28 years of persistence and innovation has made us an industry leader on Sustainable Packaging Solutions. Pando serves leading food giants include Nestlé, Kraft, Seesaw, Blue Bottle, Senpure, JML, Uni-president…the list goes on. Pando production system includes 8 Pando paper-ware factories (1 in USA, 1 in SEA, 6 in CN), 1 plastic factory and 1 machinery factory with employee number exceeds 1,000. Pando annual capacity in 2021 exceeds 10 billion pieces in paper cup vertical.

Pando has always endeavoring on making breakthroughs, despite hot sale on traditional PE PLA paper cup, from a global sustainable development perspective, our team hopes to tackle the industrial pain point that PE PLA lined paper cup could not be recycled. After 4 years’ tireless efforts, on 2021 march, New material Cup with Water Based Barrier Coating – PE PLA free paper cup – PanoVert Collections acquired all required certifications including Recyclable Certificate verified by Germany Lab PTS and began massive production by supplying Nespresso. Currently still one the very few players in the market that are capable of WBBC massive production.

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Pando serve clients with whole heart, clients' success is our success.

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About Our Custom Printing Service:

Printing on raw paper is no different than Michelin cooking, printing technicians need flexibly adjust ink combination ratio, printing speed to best present clients' design. Supported by Satellite Flexo Printing Machine, Pando printing speed could reach 350m/min, to provide efficient and reliable printing service to global clients.
Pando have a team of designers to help polish and check on pattern design as a standard procedure to gap the difference that might cause by raw paper, ink, and polish on the words listing. We all know a tiny difference could lead to big loss on raw material which might spike the cost, therefore we will to make sure the every design detail is in line with printing standards before massive production and avoid unnecessary cost for our clients.
Pando annual capacity exceeds 10 billion pieces, and consume huge number of inks, which provides us with competitive price edge on supply side. And a group of experienced printing technicians could significantly reduce raw material waste and carry out printing service efficiently to further reduce printing cost.
Product samples will be sent to clients for confirmation, only based on clients’ satisfaction before we start massive production, and samples will be set as standards for proceeding productions.
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Reliable Quality

Quality Check Automatic Online Check each finished produc will be scanned on 15+ verticals.

By partnering with Tier 1 FMCG companies,  Pando’s QA got to be in line with international food safety standards.

Competitive Price

Production sites in China, one in USA, and one in Malaysia.

Local raw material supply and purc-hasing  120,000  tons yearly provide Pando with a competitive edge on the supply side.

Attentive Service

Quick Decision Making Mechanism: The Pando team is able to respond quickly to client needs.

Experienced and professional team to dig deep into client markets and development needs to provide you satisfactory service.

Delivery Term

200+ model sizes are available for clients’ customization. The manufacturing factory inside the Pando system could shorten 1/3 time on new modeling.

Flexibility inside production si-tes guarantees production capa-city to provide efficient product service.

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Product categories includes paper cup, paper bag, paper straw paper napkin and paper lid to provide one stop packaging solutions.

For paper cup, we have 200+ model sizes available for clients to choose, save modeling cost and shorten delivery term.

Product Solution

Through Factory Audit to understand Pando Food Safety Standards falls in line and efforts on Sustainable Development.

Audit Could be done online, factory qualifications and certifications could be shared by email.

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After Pando receiving client orders, samples will be made and sent to client for confirmation.

Required tests and reports will be made to make sure product is qualified for massive production and safe in all around way for clients' further promotion and use.

Factory Audit

Product categories includes paper cup, paper bag, paper straw paper napkin and paper lid to provide one stop packaging solutions.

For paper cup, we have 200+ model sizes available for clients to choose, save modeling cost and shorten delivery term.

Confirm Samples

Based on targeted product raw material, printing requirements, client locations…Pando Team will provide quotations.

We offer competitive price and reliable products which have won reputations among our long term partners like Yum Brand, Nestle…

Product Delivery

Product manufactured and will be packaged base on clients' requirements.

Safely ship to client required destination within arranged delivery term.

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