2023 Sees Sustained Rise in Demand for Paper Cups in the Market

The catering industry in China has experienced a remarkable surge in consumption, leading to a significant boost in national catering revenue, which reached an astounding 480 billion yuan in October. At Anhui Pando, it has been observed that the production lines are operating at full capacity.

Since October, the industry has witnessed a daily production volume of approximately 4 million paper cups of various types. Ms. Helen, the Chairman of Pando Group, stated that the increase in the number of ready-to-eat catering establishments has played a significant role in the overall sales growth. This year, we anticipate our coffee cup sales to exceed 2 billion units, and our production forecast for various paper packaging products is set to exceed 10 billion units.

The recovery of the catering market has presented promising business opportunities for companies like Pando, prompting them to consider increasing investment and expanding production. There is also a strong focus on enhancing research and development efforts to effectively meet the evolving needs of the industry.