Green Leading the Way, Resonating Globally: A Recap of Pando’s Remarkable April Exhibitions

As the gentle spring breeze caresses our faces, Pando, the trailblazer in the new era of “paper instead of plastic,” has made a remarkable appearance with their water-based coating and recyclable product series.

Taking the stage at the highly anticipated 135th China Import and Export Fair and the prestigious Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition, Pando has left a green footprint that has captivated attention.

Bringing together exhibitors from across the globe, these events showcased the remarkable green innovation power of Chinese enterprises. Pando stood proudly among them, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices and showcasing their cutting-edge product offerings.

At the 135th China Import and Export Fair, hailed as a beacon for China’s foreign trade, Pando from Zhejiang and Anhui made a synchronized appearance with dual booths. Their presence attracted the gaze of numerous buyers, both domestic and international, seeking eco-friendly alternatives.

Continuing their momentum, Pando swiftly shifted their focus to the Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition. In the backdrop of the new “plastic restriction” policy, Pando meticulously prepared to offer customers comprehensive solutions with a full range of high-quality, stable delivery, tailored to specific needs and scenarios.

These exhibitions served as a grand platform for Pando to demonstrate the green innovation prowess of Chinese enterprises to the world. With each appearance, Pando showcased their dedication to a sustainable future, leaving behind a vivid green mark on the global stage.

With the gentle spring breeze as their companion, Pando’s participation in these prominent events demonstrates their leadership in championing green innovation. Their focus on environmentally friendly solutions propels China towards a greener and more innovative future.