Pando Joins JFC Supplier Summit 2024, Paving the Way for Collaborative Growth

Pando recently seized a remarkable opportunity to partake in the esteemed Jollibee Foods Supplier Summit 2024, a highly anticipated event that holds great significance for JFC suppliers. Under the overarching theme of “Accelerating Growth Through Partnership,” the summit sought to cultivate collaboration and explore avenues for enriching customer experience and advancing technology. Here is a concise overview of the event’s agenda:

The summit served as an invaluable platform for Pando and fellow suppliers to glean profound insights into JFC’s latest business updates, sustainability endeavors, and procurement strategies. Moreover, it fostered an environment conducive to networking and collaborative exchanges, forging robust alliances within the intricate tapestry of the JFC supply chain.

With an ardent anticipation, Pando eagerly anticipates harnessing the knowledge acquired during the summit to fortify its partnership with JFC, thus making substantial contributions to the company’s continued growth and resounding success.