Pando Little Migratory Bird Summer Camp Joyfully Sets Sail Today!

Pando Little Migratory Bird Summer Camp Joyfully Sets Sail Today!

At Pando, we believe our employees are family, and their children are an important part of that family. To make this summer special for these young ones, we’re excited to announce our “Little Migratory Birds” Summer Camp!

Why “Little Migratory Birds”? Just as migratory birds travel to new places during different seasons, we want our employees’ children to explore, learn, and have fun in a new environment this summer. This name symbolizes adventure, discovery, and the joy of new experiences.

This camp is our way of ensuring that the children of our Pando family have an exciting and memorable summer break. We’ve designed activities to keep them engaged, help them make new friends, and create lasting memories – all while giving parents peace of mind knowing their kids are in good hands.

Join us for a summer of fun and learning at the “Little Migratory Birds” Summer Camp!
(Parents are welcome to join.)

We provide a safe and warm environment for every “Little Migratory Bird” to learn and participate in activities. Our professional counselors will accompany the children throughout the camp, ensuring a safe and fulfilling experience.
📆 Camp Dates: July 10th – August 15th
📍 Locations: Company activity room and various outdoor venues


Edutainment: Combining education with entertainment, allowing children to learn new knowledge in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
Cultural Experiences: Organizing movie viewings, museum visits, and more to broaden children’s horizons.
Parent-Child Interaction: Creating time for family bonding and strengthening emotional connections.

Activity Schedule:

Morning Activities (8:30-11:30): Fun experiential activities
Lunch (11:30-12:30)
Rest Time (12:30-14:30)
Afternoon Activities (15:00-17:00): Leisure and intellectual activities
Dinner (17:15)

Kick-off Ceremony

Today, children and parents gathered to embark on the summer camp journey together. We witnessed the pure smiles of the children and the warm companionship of the parents. The Pando Little Migratory Bird Summer Camp is not just a place of joy for children; it ignites their thirst for new knowledge and curiosity about the world. It is an important classroom for them to understand the world, life, and family bonds.


🌈 The Pando Little Migratory Bird Summer Camp is not just a summer paradise for children but a valuable treasure on their growth path. Here, every child finds their own stage to showcase their talents, make friends, and experience growth. We look forward to seeing these young birds spread their wings and embrace a brighter tomorrow this summer.

We promise to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children can enjoy the camp to the fullest, receiving ample care and protection. Our heartfelt wish is for every child to feel love and happiness during this grand summer event.

Let’s make this summer unforgettable! 🌞✨