Pando Makes a Splash at the 32nd Shanghai International Hospitality and Catering Expo with Eco-Friendly Innovations

Shanghai, March 27, 2024 – In an exciting development at the 32nd Shanghai International Hospitality and Catering Expo (HOTELEX Shanghai 2024), Zhejiang Pando EP Technology Co., Ltd. (Pando) has unveiled its groundbreaking sustainable product lines. The event, taking place from March 27 to March 30, 2024, at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai Hongqiao), has seen Pando showcase its commitment to environmental sustainability with its innovative water-based coatings and recyclable products. Visitors can explore Pando’s offerings at Booth No. 7.1A08.

Pando, a pioneer in eco-friendly packaging solutions, is featuring its PanoVert® series at the expo. This series represents a significant leap in sustainable packaging, highlighting products that are degradable, recyclable, and repulpable. Designed to meet the stringent standards of the Australasian Bioplastics and the FDA, Pando’s products ensure both safety and environmental responsibility.

Innovative Water-Based-Barrier-Coating Technology

Pando’s water-based coating technology sets a new benchmark for sustainability in the packaging industry. Unlike traditional coatings, Pando’s solutions are designed for complete recyclability and repulpability, ensuring that products can be efficiently processed in recycling facilities without compromising the environment. This technology not only aligns with global sustainability trends but also offers businesses a path to greener operations.

The PanoVert® Series: Leading the Way in Green Packaging

The PanoVert® series is Pando’s flagship line of eco-friendly products. By focusing on degradability, recyclability, and repulpability, Pando offers a viable solution to the pressing issue of packaging waste. The series is crafted to reduce the environmental footprint of packaging materials, paving the way for a more sustainable future in the industry.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

“At Pando, we believe in leading by example. Our participation in HOTELEX Shanghai 2024 is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and innovation in the packaging sector,” said a spokesperson for Pando. “By introducing our water-based coatings and the PanoVert® series, we aim to inspire the industry towards more environmentally friendly practices.”

As environmental concerns continue to drive consumer and business decisions, Pando’s presence at HOTELEX Shanghai 2024 underscores the company’s role as a key player in the movement towards sustainable packaging solutions. With its innovative products and forward-thinking approach, Pando is not just participating in the expo; it’s shaping the future of the industry.

For more information about Pando and its products, visitors are encouraged to stop by Booth No. 7.1A08 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai Hongqiao) from March 27 to March 30, 2024.

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