Pando Makes Waves with Eco-Friendly Packaging Showcase at Hong Kong Exhibition

Amid the ongoing plastic ban trend driven by the Hong Kong government, Pando has made a remarkable debut at an exhibition by showcasing its innovative Water Based Barrier Coating (WBBC) products.

As the issue of plastic waste continues to escalate, the Hong Kong government recently introduced groundbreaking legislation. The new regulations mandate restaurants to phase out the use of plastic tableware, thereby promoting the adoption of environmentally friendly alternatives. In light of these developments, Pando has taken a committed stance on addressing this pressing issue.

Pando, a leading company specializing in sustainable packaging solutions, has emerged as a prominent player in the industry, as exemplified by their WBBC product line. WBBC, an acronym for Water Based Barrier Coating, represents a revolutionary and eco-friendly coating technology for paper containers, widely used in food packaging such as paper cups. Compared to conventional materials like polyethylene (PE) or polylactic acid (PLA), Pando’s WBBC products offer enhanced environmental sustainability and longevity.

Pando proudly unveiled their latest range of WBBC products at the prestigious Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Show. The series garnered significant attention from attendees, who were captivated by its exceptional performance and eco-friendly characteristics. Pando’s CEO expressed firm belief in the potential of WBBC, stating, “We firmly believe that sustainability is the future of the food and beverage packaging industry.”

The presence of Pando and the display of WBBC products at the Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Show have generated substantial interest among exhibitors and visitors. Increasingly, brands are recognizing the significance of adopting environmentally friendly packaging solutions to achieve sustainable development and meet consumer demands. For years, Pando has been providing OEM services to numerous brands, offering high-quality WBBC paper cups and containers at affordable prices, contributing significantly to the industry’s transition toward sustainability.

The plastic ban measures implemented by the Hong Kong government represent a significant milestone in the city’s environmental initiatives, aligning with the broader sustainability efforts championed by other cities in the region. Pando’s participation and the introduction of WBBC products further demonstrate Hong Kong’s innovative capabilities and determination in the field of environmentally friendly packaging.

Despite the challenges posed by costs and technological advancements in the eco-friendly packaging industry, businesses and consumers are increasingly recognizing the responsibility to seek sustainable packaging solutions for the betterment of the environment and future generations. Pando’s endeavors and their presence at the 2024 Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Show are leading the way toward a brighter tomorrow.