Pando Savoring Tradition: Serve Laba Porridge at the Chinese Laba Festival

The Laba Festival is one of the traditional Chinese holidays. It is celebrated on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, which typically falls in January or February of the Gregorian calendar.

The origins of the Laba Festival can be traced back to ancient Chinese folk beliefs closely intertwined with agriculture. On the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, people would pay homage to their ancestors and deities, praying for a bountiful harvest and peace in the coming year.

The Laba Festival holds symbolic significance for harvest and blessings. Celebrating the Laba Festival is a way of expressing gratitude for the past year’s harvest while also praying for good fortune and peace in the upcoming year. Laba porridge, as a traditional food of the festival, represents the abundance of food and the happiness of the family.

In order to celebrate cultural heritage and cultivate a sense of community, Pando recently prepared a substantial amount of Laba porridge for our employees. This thoughtful gesture not only showcased Pando’s commitment to employee well-being but also demonstrated the company’s appreciation for traditional Chinese customs.

Laba porridge holds a special place in Chinese culture, especially during the Laba Festival, which signifies the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. Pando recognized the importance of this longstanding tradition and decided to embrace it by offering Laba porridge.

The preparation of Laba porridge is no simple task, involving careful selection of ingredients and meticulous cooking. Pando spared no effort in ensuring that the porridge was cooked to perfection, reflecting the company’s dedication to preserving cultural traditions.

The Laba Festival is an important traditional holiday in Chinese culture, encompassing elements of agriculture, religious beliefs, and family reunion. By celebrating this festival, people express gratitude for the harvest and blessings while anticipating good fortune and peace in the coming year.