Pando Shines at Thaifex: Leading the Way in Sustainable Packaging

Pando, a prominent Chinese paper packaging manufacturing company, made a resounding impact at the Thailand Food Expo, showcasing its prowess in sustainable packaging and trailblazing solutions. The company’s participation in the event demonstrated its commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.

Central to Pando’s offerings was their flagship product, WBBC (Water-Based Barrier Coating), which stole the spotlight at Thaifex. This revolutionary coating boasts outstanding barrier performance while adhering to an eco-friendly production process. Its biodegradability and eco-friendliness position WBBC as the preferred solution for sustainable packaging.

Recognizing the need to expand production capacity and meet the growing market demand, Pando recently established a cutting-edge factory in Thailand. Equipped with modern infrastructure and sustainable production processes, the facility aligns perfectly with Pando’s long-term strategy for sustainable development.

Pando’s exhibition booth at Thaifex exemplified their commitment to sustainability through the use of eco-conscious materials. Carefully selected elements such as recyclable cardboard, renewable bamboo structures, and plant-based coatings showcased Pando’s dedication to sustainable practices and reflected their unwavering environmental values.

Participating in Thaifex held strategic significance for Pando as it provided a prime opportunity to enhance brand visibility, expand market share, and forge connections with industry professionals and potential customers. By showcasing their sustainable packaging solutions, Pando solidified its leadership position in the industry and catalyzed the sector’s transition towards more environmentally friendly practices.

Pando’s initiatives at Thaifex, including the establishment of a new factory, the spotlight on WBBC, and the construction of a sustainable exhibition booth, underscored their commitment to innovation. Their contributions have had a profound impact on raising environmental awareness and promoting sustainable development.

Looking ahead, Pando’s continued growth and success serve as an inspiration for other companies to follow suit and contribute to environmental protection. In a world where sustainability is paramount, Pando’s strides in sustainable packaging pave the way for a brighter and greener future.