Pando’s Little Migratory Birds Summer Camp – Where Love Never Leaves You Behind!

Join us at Pando this summer for an enchanting adventure with our Little Migratory Birds! In 2023, these adorable little birds will reunite with their long-awaited parents, creating cherished memories.

At Pando, we embrace our social responsibility and are delighted to use our potential to support our employees. To ensure a high-quality holiday experience for our children, we have organized a summer camp filled with engaging “play and learn” activities. From crafts to movies and safety knowledge classes, our aim is to enhance their cognitive and critical thinking skills.

Enjoy delicious food

We believe in nurturing children’s creativity through play. Accompanied by their parents, our little migratory birds participate in “Food and Creation” adventures, crafting beautiful windmills, egg tarts, and delicious burgers. Following this delightful meal, they engage in interactive games, strengthening their bond with their parents.

Watch interesting movies

From a “children’s cognitive orientation” perspective, Pando treated our little migratory birds to the heartwarming movie, “One and Only.” As the film plays on the big screen, the children become immersed in its captivating story.

Learning though play

Learning is an integral part of our summer camp, complementing the fun-filled activities. The local government organizes the “Little Migratory Bird Safety Knowledge Public Welfare Classroom,” where children gain valuable insights into summer safety precautions, self-rescue techniques, and food conservation practices. Through friendly discussions, our leaders encourage the children, motivating them to excel academically and lead healthy, joyful lives.

For over a decade, Pando has embraced the Little Migratory Bird Activity with boundless love, fostering comprehensive growth for our little migratory birds. This special camp creates a joyful and unforgettable experience, nurturing precious bonds and creating treasured moments.