Pando’s Participation in the Spring Canton Fair 2024!

Pando's Participation in the Spring Canton Fair 2024!

Hello and warm greetings to all our partners, clients, and future collaborators! We, Pando, a pioneering food packaging manufacturer, are thrilled to share that we will be participating in the upcoming Spring Canton Fair, scheduled from April 23rd to 27th at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. Our presence will be marked at two prominent locations: Booth 16.4A08 in Anhui and Booth 15.4G09 in Zhejiang.

Pando stands at the forefront of delivering OEM and customized paper packaging solutions to some of the world’s leading food and dining brands. With our robust manufacturing bases in China and Thailand, we’re dedicated to serving our clients across the globe, especially in the United States and Southeast Asia, through innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

At this year’s fair, we are excited to highlight our water-based coating product range—Wbbc—PanoVert, alongside showcasing the capabilities of our Thailand factory. This move is aligned with our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and continuous development in the realm of paper packaging manufacturing.

Why Pando?

Inspired by the resilience and life force of the Pando Tree in Utah, USA, we embody the essence of green innovation and sustainable growth. Our philosophy mirrors the enduring vitality of the Pando Tree, focusing on environmental-friendly materials and processes to create recyclable, reduced, and degradable packaging products. With a keen eye on low-carbon, clean, and efficient production methods, we ensure our production bases are strategically located near central customer regions to facilitate efficient distribution and green logistics.

How Do We Innovate?

At Pando, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive ISO certification system, being a significant contributor to national industry standards. Our automated production lines ensure quality and quantity go hand-in-hand, complemented by a high-transparency, full-process, 30-minute quality traceability system. We also simulate real-life scenarios to test the interaction between dining contents and our products, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

Our extensive network of six production bases across China and additional facilities in Thailand and the USA enables us to provide close and efficient service to our customers. With a wide array of packaging options under our “4+N” full-category offering—from paper containers like PanoVertTrM, paper cups, paper bowls, paper boxes, to paper bags, paper straws, napkins, and even paper cutlery—we’re equipped to offer solutions that create greater value for our customers.

Join Us at the Canton Fair!

We look forward to meeting you at the Canton Fair. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to connect, discuss our latest innovations, and how we can tailor our sustainable and efficient packaging solutions to meet your needs. Together, let’s explore the endless possibilities of green development and innovation in the food packaging industry.

Your presence will be an honor for us, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you to our booths in Guangzhou this April!

Warm regards, The Pando Team