Custom Napkin, Cutlery, Cup Lids and Sleeves

Finding a fit and proper manufacturer for your paper accessories is not easy! We understand that and that’s why we are here for brands looking to add a touch of personality and sustainability to their dining experience! Whether you’re a restaurant, café, or catering service, we’ve got you covered with our premium paper products that are customizable to suit your unique brand identity. 

If you want to maintain your brand consistency, find Pando. We provide one-stop solutions for your paper food packaging business! From paper cups to lids, sleeves, and napkins, you can have all the custom solutions here to bring your brand to life and impress your customers. From shape design and printing to logo, raw material use, size, and color selection, we can make it happen based on your brand tone!

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Cup Lids

Make your brand stand out from the details! We can make and design paper cup lids, pulp molding cup lids, plastic lids, and a variety of shapes to meet
your specific requirements.


Our paper cutlery primarily consists of two series: the PLA material series and the pulp fiber series. Both options are customizable, recyclable, and biodegradable. 

Paper Sleeves

Paper sleeves offer a valuable surface for your brand. We can customize your paper sleeves with unique designs, colors, and messages that align with your brand’s identity or marketing campaigns! 


Our napkins are made from recycled paper pulp, wood pulp napkins, and bamboo pulp napkins. You can choose napkins based on your brand style and budget! 

Bagasse Paper Cup Lids

Bagasse paper cup lids are used as eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic lids for cups. Bagasse is a by-product of sugarcane processing and is highly biodegradable and compostable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your brand!

Bamboo Soup Bowl Lids

Bamboo soup bowl lids are used not only to cover and protect soup but also to align with environmentally friendly practices, contribute to a brand’s eco-conscious image, and improve the overall dining experience through their natural aesthetic and durability.

Hot Cup Paper Lids

Suitable for Hot Cups, Coffee, and Other Beverages – Leak-Proof and Seamlessly Designed Connections for a Mess-Free Experience!

Cold Drink Paper Lids

Ideal for Cold Cups with Dedicated Straw Insertion Area – Leak-Proof and Seamlessly Designed Connections, Classic Size to Fit the Majority of Cup Types.

Honors & Awards
Professional accreditation
Pando has consistently adhered to the highest global standards for food safety and quality.holding comprehensive ISOsystem certifications
(ISO9001ISO14001.ISO45001SO22000), and has receivecBRC audit A+ grade multi- pletimes.
Industry leadership
Pando holds a leading position in the indus- try and contributes to the development of industry standards, including those for Food Packaging Laminating
Paper and Paperboard,WBBCPaper Cup and Paperboard forFood Packaging,'Paper Tableware, and 'Paper Straws(including Straw Base Paper)'
Customer recognition
Pando has received greatrecognition and has earnednumerous awards from ourval- ued customers. For exampleBreakthrough InnovationAward and Bridge BuilderAward from Yum(CN) AAQuality Award fromMc- Donald's(CN).
Top-ranking recognition
Pando has been awarded the'2023 China's Top 100 Printing and Packaging Enterpris- es. This ranking,compiled by Printing Man- ager'magazine, is primarily based onthe sales revenue thresholdexceeding 388 million RMB forthe year 2022. Pando proud- lymade it onto the list, securingthe 44th position.

Why Choose Pando as Your Trust Supplier?

Attentive Service
Quality Reliable
Pando has always adhered to high standards of global food safety and quality and has established a comprehensive ISO certification system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 22000). It has also received a BRC audit A+ grade multiple times. Pando is one of the leading companies in the industry involved in the formulation and revision of several national industry standards. It holds a leading technological position in the industry and is primarily engaged in the production of paper cups, cup raw materials, food packaging laminated paper, and paperboard. Pando has played a key role in setting standards for food packaging, including laminated paper and paperboard, water-based coated paper and paperboard for food packaging, paper tableware, paper straws (including virgin paper), and so on.
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Information Security
Pando has deployed various devices, such as Access Control (AC), Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Firewall (AF), in its private cloud network security architecture. It has also implemented scientific defense strategies. In terms of internal management regulations, Pando has developed several management measures, including the Network Security Management System and Information Security Management System, to enhance the overall awareness of network security and ensure the information security of both customers and the company.
Custom Design
Delivery Assurance
More than 200 customizable molds and sizes are available. With our strong partnerships with the machinery factory, Pando can reduce new mold development time by 1/3. Internal production flexibility guarantees production capacity to provide efficient product service.
Clients Receive
Satisfactory Products
Attentive Service

With a quick decision-making mechanism,
Pando is able to respond quickly to customer
needs. Experienced and professional team to
dig deep into our clients development needs
to provide satisfactory service.

Custom Printing
and Sample Confirmation
Competitive Price
With 6 production bases, an annual supply and procurement of hundreds of thousands of tons of local raw materials provides Pando with a competitive edge in the raw material market.

Pando's advanced equipment ensures industry-leading manufacturing efficiency, providing a cost advantage on the produc- tion end.
By Choosing eco-friendly and durable paper bags, we can make the earth greener.
Paper sleeves protect your hands
Paper lids support take-away
Paper cultury apply to birthday
Don’t forget to bring napkins.
Still have questions?
What materials are used in the production of your paper tableware, cup lids, and sleeves?

Our paper tableware, cup lids, and sleeves are made from high-quality, sustainable materials, including recycled paper, bamboo, and PLA (polylactic acid), a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resources like corn starch.

Can the paper tableware, cup lids, and sleeves be customized for branding purposes?

Absolutely! We offer customization options for all our paper products. You can have your brand logo, colors, and messages printed on the tableware, cup lids, and sleeves to enhance your brand visibility and customer engagement.

How durable are your paper products? Can they handle hot and cold items?

Our paper products are engineered for durability and versatility. They are suitable for both hot and cold items, providing insulation for hot beverages with our cup sleeves and lids, and maintaining structural integrity with our tableware, even with hot, wet, or oily foods.

What is the lead time for bulk orders, and do you offer samples?

The lead time for bulk orders typically ranges from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the order size and customization requirements. Yes, we do offer samples upon request so you can assess the quality and suitability of our products for your needs before placing a bulk order.