And it’s not just a bag!

Kraft Paper Bags

 We design and make sustainable and stylish paper bags for your business and customers!


Why Pando

We offer a range of paper bags with superior quality and excellent load-bearing capacity, making them the ideal bag choice for your business, whether it’s for retailers or grocers. 

Pando takes sustainability seriously as we have all the bags made in biodegradable materials like WBC and recyclable pulps. You can also print or customize your bags here, or let us to design your bags and impress your customers! 

 When it comes to QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) food contact-grade paper bags, we adhere to strict and standardized production processes to ensure safety and hygiene. 

Find Your Paper Bags Types

Flat Rope Shoppers
The flat rope shopping bag is a classic and functional shopping bag design, and its handle part is made of a sturdy horizontal paper material, which has excellent load-bearing capacity and durability. Also, it’s suitable for all kinds of shopping scenarios, whether it is supermarket shopping or daily life.
Round Rope Shoppers

The round rope shopping bag is designed with handles crafted from twisted round rope, which are not only comfortable to grip but also make shopping a more enjoyable experience by preventing any hand discomfort. These sturdy rope handles are strong enough to carry heavier items, making the bag a great option both for everyday use and for those in the fashion industry looking for a stylish accessory.

Square Bottom Paper Bags

Our square-bottom bag is commonly used for takeout packaging, small jewelry purchases, and bakery shops. We offer you the choice of the appropriate material and coating, ensuring a customized solution based on your business!

Pinch Bottom Paper Bags
Tip-bottom paper bags are an ideal packaging solution designed for QSR snacks. Made from high-quality food-grade paper, these bags are incredibly strong and durable. The sharp shape of the bag’s bottom not only adds to its attractive appearance but also enables easy display and can hold more food efficiently.
Industrial Recyclable Practice” WBBC Cup to Bag “

We’re committed to sustainability, transforming water-based cups into eco-friendly bags through our innovative recycling process.


WBBC Cup 2.6t


Shipped to Sun Paper Mill


Directly repulped


Back to market


Paper Bag


Recovered as paper sheet

Types of Raw Materials Used for Our Paper Bags

White pulp
FSC certified white paper,Food contact,white cup stock to present colorful printing and design.
Unbleached pulp
FSC certified unbleached paper,Food contact,,able to present a natural vibe for your products.

Bamboo pulp

FSC certified paper,a sustainable material that is wood free from renewable bamboo forest.

How can our bags meet your needs?

Use paper bags to wrap the bread
“Carry to go” for coffee beans
Sturdy shopping bags for shopping mall
Suitable for all situations
where you need to carry things
Still have questions?
Do you specialize in producing paper packaging products?

We specialize in a wide range of paper packaging products, including paper cups, containers, bowls, bags, straws, buckets, boxes, napkins, cutlery, as well as aluminum foil cups and paper sticks, among others. You can browse all of our packaging products here or contact us for a detailed and custom solution!

Can you send samples?
Yes, please contact us via email to request samples.
Can Pando supply custom-made or custom-printed packaging?

Yes! We understand the importance of customizing packaging to suit your brand and customers. And we excel at offering personalized solutions, from logo design and brand visuals to the final packaging products!

Are your products food-safe?

Absolutely! Pando consistently upholds the highest global standards for food safety and quality, maintaining extensive ISO certifications (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO22000) and has achieved BRC audit A+ grades on several occasions.

Can I choose how my order is shipped?

Yes, please contact us via online message, WeChat, or WhatsApp, or you can send an email to for more information.