Custom Paper Straws


Whether you’re a restaurant, a business, or an individual put your brand or message at your customer’s fingertips with our personalized paper straws. 

You can put your brand logo, design or patterns, and messages at our personalized paper straws. All of our paper straws are 100% custom to suit your needs. Pando also offers design services for you. 

  • Tailored U paper straws go with milk/juice box and more boxed beverage (Tetra pak, SIG, Greatview, Lamipak or Elopak aseptic carton boxes…). With 4 standard Spec of Pando U-111, U-138, U-159 and U-171, to go with your beloved beverage box.
  • Pando U straw products have done food safety tests based on EU standards and acquired necessary certifications as an internationally qualified manufacturer. It’s our priority to ensure our products are safe for your customers to use and save your potential cost and timing process from a supplier like us.
  • We provide strong technical support. Pando being more than just a paper straw manufacturer, dives into product development and custom design based on client’s market needs. We have our professional R and D team with a well-equipped Pando Lab. On top of that, Pando is also a service provider for our customers that can span from printing services, embossing services and packaging services. At Pando we take care of problems that you may meet and offer after-sale service even long after the manufacturing of the paper straws.
  • Raw material certified by FSC. Production sites are certified by BSCI and SMETA. Products are certified in accordance with TÜV AUSTRIA Group, TÜV Rheinland Group, BPI and ISO9001…(Partial, contact us to know more).

Pando’s paper straws 

The following are examples and samples produced by Pando. We can also customize all straws based on your brands or products and tailor them to your customers. Just contact us and share your ideas!


Most suitable for 180ml 200ml Tetra Pak, SIG and more aseptic pak.U-171 is usually used for juicebox.Sharp cut to penetrate aluminum compound foil, plastic foil, convenient to use.Paper straw 0 plastic , FSC fiber recyclable, degradable and eco-friendly, especially to marine life.

Suitable for 200ml 250ml Tetra Pak, SIG and more aseptic pak.
Applies to Tetra Pak & SIG Applicators.
U-159 is a most commonly seen standard size that we manufacture for milk box, juice box, yogurt and more.
Three layers mean they hold their shape under varying degrees and pressure.

Suitable for 115ml 125ml 200ml Tetra Pak, SIG and more aseptic pak.U-138 is a very popular standard size u paper straw we manufacture for milk box, juice box, yogurt and more.High-quality special straw paper lasts up to six hours in water without getting unravel or soggy.


Suitable for 110 125ml Tetra Pak, SIG and more aseptic pak.
U-111 is usually used for kids drink.3 layer kraft/white paper compound.FDA approved water-based glue and ink.

Paper Wrap
We provide paper wrap packaging for paper straws to make the product more eco. Paper wrap come in plain white or kraft colour, coated with water-based barrier material. With all-over printing, it also serves as an ideal and creative way for advertising and marketing for your products.
We provide BOPP film for paper straws. It has good moisture, insulation performance. Comply with FDA regulations and very cost effective.
Are paper straws better than plastic straws?
Exposing your brand is the first step in introducing your product. The purpose of brand exposure is to ideally include the difference that distinguishes your product from its competitors. Coffee cups with outstanding logo could help enhance brand.

Customization means a cup has been carefully managed in terms of cup performance (safe and easy to use). A brand LOGO can enhance customer loyalty. Over the time, people become emotionally attached to the brands they use and view them as part of their self-image.

Customer Experiences
Customization to provide unique cups while serving coffee/drinks for special events like festivals or even private events, parties, weddings or festivals like Holloween and Christmas. Browse Pando's existing designs or provide your ideas, a paper cup with a customized printing pattern to create a unique style and leave special memories on such occasions.
Growing Global Market
Consumers want comfort, happiness and satisfaction in their lives. They get it in part through the products they buy. If the brands they use consistently deliver a satisfactory experience, consumers form an opinion that the brand is trustworthy, which gives them peace of mind when buying. Also, customers can become brand advocates when they share satisfactory brand experiences.
Why choose paper straws from pando?
High quality
Pando stands for high quality U straws. We use only high quality raw material- special white unbleached kraft, food contact water-based glue and food safe bio ink. An optimal choice which could be immersed in water for up to 6 hours and remain intact.
To deliver safe U straw products, Pando spent 2 years acquiring certificates and doing lab tests in multiple dimensions to make sure it in line with regulatory requirements. Our straws do not contain BPA, 3-MCPD and are certified by BPI and ISO9001.
Eco Friendly
Our straws that go with milk/juice box are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials which is a great alternative for pp straws, which will help solving plastic problems in the oceans and especially could be marine life-friendly.
With 4 standard Spec, our U straw are available for a variety of portion-sized cartons, including Tetra Pak and SIG aseptic packages. We can also provide customization service according to your company requirements. U straw can be wrapped in paper with logo printing to benefit the continuous exposure of your business.
How to choose a paper straw?

If you want some help selecting the best U paper straws, consider the following before making your purchase. If you want to skip this process, contact us to get some samples.

Choose the right manufacturer
Choose the right manufacturer
Make sure you buy from tier 1 manufacturers who have complet QA system and assuring certifications to carry out food contact production. Checking whether the product labels or instructions are complete, and the content (including product name, material, compliance with safety standards, production date, shelf life and more) is complete.
Choose appropriate
product specification
Choose appropriate product specification
There is a vast range of specs of carton packages in the packaging market, from 80ml to 1000ml. With 4 standard spec of Pando U-111, U-138, U-159 and U-171, which goes with the most popular milk/juice packs, our straws can fit all your packaging needs.
transition process
transition process
Paper straws and pp straws are from the same set of specifications. Our U straw is the flexible solution for the packaging of pp ones. Therefore you don't need to switch the original packing machine. All you need to do is to give the machine a trial run. We also offer local support when necessary.
Technical support
Technical support
Choose a strong technical team which have better coverage in complete processing support and assistance and can dive into product development based on client's market needs. Technical after services should also be taken into consideration. Choose companies that take your difficulties strictly into account and provide satisfactory post sale service.