Single Wall vs Double Wall Coffee Cup

Every morning, millions of us share a common ritual: the first cup of coffee. It’s not just about the caffeine; it’s about the comfort, the aroma, and the warmth that kick-starts our day. But have you ever given a thought to the cup cradling your morning brew? Why do some takeaway coffee cups feel sturdier while others need sleeves to hold? Pando has been making coffee cups for over 20 years and let us share some industry secrets with you.

What’s the Difference?

Before picking sides, let’s explore the key differences between single wall and double wall coffee cups.

Single Wall Coffee Cups

Single Wall Coffee Cups

Single wall coffee cups are your straightforward, no-fuss option. They’re made from a single layer of paper or plastic and are designed to hold your coffee effectively. Simple, right? But here’s the catch: they might not be the best at insulating. If you’ve ever clutched one of these cups with a piping hot drink inside, you know the dance of the hot potato. And that’s why many brands use cup sleeves to hold hot coffee.

Double Wall Coffee Cups

Double Wall Coffee Cups

For holding hot coffee, double wall cups are preferred by many. These cups feature an additional layer, creating an air pocket between the two walls. This design serves a dual purpose: it insulates your drink, keeping it hot for longer, and it protects your hands from getting too hot. But double wall paper cups use more materials to make, and this is why many would complain that doubal wall cups aren’t eco friendly enough.

However, for holding super hot coffee, if you single wall, you might need sleeve as well, and this means you are consuming extra material as well. It’s hard to say which one is better.

Single Wall vs Double Wall

Same Raw Materials

As a paper cup manufacturer, we can tell you that the raw materials behind single-wall and double-wall paper cups are the same. It’s not that the single-wall or double-wall would consume different raw materials; they are different in essence. Most of these paper cups made by Pando use paper PE, PLA, and raw paper made from wood fiber, and a few use a water-based barrier coating, a new technology in making paper cups that is higher in cost but better for recyclability. However, few understand this information behind the cups.

What you need to understand is that single-wall and double-wall paper cups share the same materials but are made differently in terms of appearance and function. Whether it’s Costa or Starbucks, they use these materials regardless.


When it comes to keeping your coffee hot, double wall cups take the lead. The extra layer offers superior insulation, ensuring your coffee stays warm, allowing you to savor every sip. Whereas single wall cups might be used for cold or icy coffee.


If you’re tired of juggling your coffee cup because it’s too hot to handle, double wall cups are your salvation. The air gap between the layers acts as a barrier, making the cup comfortable to hold.

Cost and Environmental Impact

Single wall cups are generally cheaper and use less material, which could be seen as a nod towards environmental consciousness. However, double wall cups, while slightly more expensive, offer better insulation, which might mean you skip the extra cardboard sleeve. Plus, many double wall cups are made with recyclable materials, balancing the scale on their environmental impact.

Which to choose?

We usually recommend brands to take a try at single wall cups, as they can meet most requirements, whether it’s about design or size, or function. And they are more affordable, eco friendly (in terms of material saving) compared to their counterparts. However, if you consume coffee every day, and perhaps the best chocie is to use your own cups!

Which Type of Paper Cups for Your Business

Which Type of Paper Cups for Your Business

Choosing the right cup size for your beverages can significantly impact customer experience, as smaller cups encourage quick consumption rather than a leisurely enjoyment.

Opt for single wall cups for small, quick drinks like espressos, and reserve double-walled cups for larger beverages. This not only saves costs but aligns with offering a perceived higher quality for premium drinks.

Double-walled cups, being pricier and viewed as more luxurious, are ideal for targeting upscale markets or corporate clients, enhancing the customer’s impression of your brand.

However, this strategy may not be necessary for established customers, such as an office with which you have a longstanding relationship, who are already loyal and unlikely to be swayed by fancier cup options.

Regardless of the cup type you choose, it’s crucial to inform customers about the cup’s recyclability. Use the cup’s exterior to educate them on recycling options, emphasizing the use of environmentally friendly materials.

Finally, consider the cost difference between adding a sleeve to a single wall cup versus using a double-walled cup. Often, the former option is more economical without sacrificing quality.

Whether it’s single wall paper cup or doulbe wall paper cup, Pando can make them for you, in a cutom way and style! We can help brand personlize the coffee paper cups to better meet your brand style. So contact us for a quote if you need any types of paper cups.