Fully Embrace the Circular Economy

Pando AI Packaging material recycling machine

Intelligent packaging sorting and recycling machine based on AI recognition technology is trained to distinguish between paper and non-paper packaging (and can concentrate on crushing recyclables to reduce capacity)
We believe that packaging material lives more than once
PanoVert™ recyclable series
Water-based barrier coating technology and the concept of FSC® certified paper is integrated to achieve comprehensive environmental protection of coating and paper materials.
It is recyclable, repulpable, circular and degradable.


Pando’s Compost Degradation Video Animation in Progress…

Compost Date:
5.23 2022

We composted PE, PLA cups, and kitchen waste for experiments and achieved great progress. 

Paper Cups Waste Handled by Pando

Kitchen wastes handled by Pando

Degrade Date:8.23 2023

According to experiment results, PLA could be completely degraded, while PE could not be completely degraded. 

Start digging

Only PE coating remains

Circular Economy ls
Key For Carbon Neutrality

  • National Circular Economy Development Plan for the “14th Five-Year Plan” issued by the Development and Reform Commission
  • Reflection on the Take-Make-Waste liner economy.
  • Pando actively promotes the circular economy plan – the leap from “recyclable” to “recycled.”
Phase I Recyclable Packaging Innovation: PanoVertTM:

World’s leading water-based coating solution, free of PE/PLA plastics and 100% recyclable.

Phase Il Building Packaging Recycle System:

Industrial trimmings recycling, joining forces with major brands to establish a closed loop for
commercial recycling.

Phase Ill Realize Carbon Neutrality:

Respond to the national 3060 target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through
sustainable measures such as green power, zero waste plants, energy reuse, energy
efficiency and emissions reduction (Scope 1-2)

2050 Achieve Carbon Neutrality

2050 Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Product Liability

Quality Assurance

We have obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO22000 food safety system certification, and BRCGS global food safety standard certification and won the A+ grade.

Customer service

“Success For Customers, Success For Partners, Pioneering Green and Sustainable Development in Packaging.” is our mission. We continue to extend to the upstream and downstream of the supply chain and initially establish a comprehensive solution for overall packaging.
R&D innovation
Pando has adopted water-based coating technology to develop new water-based coating materials. It fundamentally solves the industry pain points of paper cup recycling.
Information Security
We have successively formulated the “Information Security Protection System” and “Information Management System” and adopted a series of specific measures to strengthen information security protection.

Our Climate Change Response

Design and
Pando successfully integrated cutting-edge water-based coating technology to develop environmentally friendly packaging products with zero PE, 100% recyclable, repulpable, and short natural degradation time-“Green PanoVert” series.
Raw Material

Pando pays attention to source control, and we also actively promote upstream and downstream value chain partners to use environmentally friendly raw materials with us, such as wood pulp paper, bamboo pulp paper, PBS particles and PLA particles, etc., to jointly reduce the carbon footprint of

Production and

Pando has invested a lot to introduce advanced technologies and equipment forcleanproduction, and increase the recycling rate of primary-renewable resources. In addition, we actively promote the use of clean energy and fully install solar photovoltaic panels on the factory’s roof.

Storgae and
Pando promotes the packaging recycling scheme and recommends that all domestic B2B food industry customers adopt the carton recycling scheme and use plastic baskets and recycling boxes for the product matching of in-house factories to save the cartons consumed in the transportation process.
Recycling Machine

Pando been hoping to establish a feasible recycling system and we think one of the key point is to have a practical “recycling machine” , driven by that, Pando have been developing recycling machine that can be put in offline stores to close the loop of post-consumer recycling.And recently the thrid generation – powered by experienced engineers in this field, is ready to get on store trials.


Environmental Protection

Emission management
For waste gas, noise, and waste, Pando correctly handles and effectively controls the waste generated during the company’s activities, products, and services by the company’s waste pollution prevention and control procedures to reduce environmental pollution.
In daily office work, we encourage employees to save paper, promote double-sided printing and reuse of waste paper, and reduce general waste generation.
Water resource management
Pando continues to evaluate and apply water-saving technologies to reduce water consumption. We also set up water-saving labels in various workshops and living areas to improve the water-saving awareness of all employees.
Besides, Pando treats sewage reasonably, saves water according to relevant regulations, and minimizes the amount of wastewater produced.
Thousands of Output
Value Capacitor Power
Conform To
Level Three Standard

Charity and Employee Care

Pando has a grateful heart to feed back the society, actively fulfills social responsibilities, and demonstrates a strong sense of social responsibility with practical actions. Pando has established an excellent public image with reasonable steps, won wide acclaim from all walks of life, and achieved a win-win situation between enterprise development and social value.
Employee Care
Pando also adheres to the basic concept of being “people-oriented,” always proceeds from the vital interests of employees, and continues to care for employees.