What KFC and McDonald’s Did on Earth Day?

On April 22, 2022, on the occasion of the 53rd Earth Day, KFC announced the launch of the first batch of KFC green pioneer stores, “Little Green Store,” in Beijing and Hangzhou. By integrating energy-saving and carbon-reducing technologies such as rooftop photovoltaics and IOT, the restaurant promotes the application of green environmental protection technology in the actual operation of the restaurant. It will create an all-round green interactive experience space for consumers and further advocate the concept of an environmentally friendly life. This pioneering move by KFC is not only a bold practice of its “natural freedom” sustainable development concept but also a new attempt made by the brand for environmental protection, energy savings, and carbon neutrality.

At the same time, the “Little Green Store” on the KFC Baseline is also newly launched on the KFC Super APP, leading everyone to reduce carbon together. The online “Little Green Store” area records and motivates consumers’ low-carbon behaviors in the process of ordering and dining in a digital way and drives consumers to participate in carbon reduction and environmental protection in a multi-dimensional manner so that they can feel at ease together.

Mr. Huang Jinshuan, General Manager of KFC China, said, “KFC has been committed to building a green restaurant for many years. The KFC Green Pioneer Store is not only an integrated display store of environmental protection technology but also an experience store for future green restaurants. The online ‘Little Green Store’ is a It is another green co-creation between KFC and consumers, and the public welfare will bring more people to feel free together. Through these innovative explorations, KFC is willing to actively contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment, act together with the public, and treat our common earth well.”

The two newly unveiled KFC Green Pioneer stores are located in Hangzhou Higher Education Park and Beijing Shougang Park. The two entities, “Little Green Stores,” follow the 4R principles of reuse, reuse, recycle, and replace in overall design, equipment R&D selection, and material application, effectively realizing the restaurant’s While operating to reduce carbon emissions, it also creates a green restaurant space for consumers to experience, understand, and participate in carbon reduction and environmental protection in an all-round way.

Invest in protecting the earth. McDonald’s China has more than 1,300 LEED-certified green restaurants.

McDonald’s Jiangsu Nanjing Yangshan Lake Restaurant Receives LEED Silver Certification On the occasion of the 53rd “Earth Day”, McDonald’s Nanjing Yangshan Lake restaurant was recently awarded the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver certification, which is the 1300th McDonald’s China restaurant. LEED-certified restaurant. At present, McDonald’s has 114 LEED-certified green restaurants in Jiangsu, including more than 20 silver-certified restaurants. It is expected that 80 new McDonald’s restaurants will be opened in Jiangsu this year, all of which will be designed and constructed according to LEED standards.

“The theme of this year’s Earth Day is ‘Together to Invest in Protecting the Earth’, which is not just a slogan,” said Jing Wang, North Asia Director of the U.S. Green Building Council. “The ultimate goal of LEED green building certification is to promote sustainable development. At the same time, to achieve people’s survival needs and quality of life, McDonald’s China promotes green restaurants with practical actions, which not only brings a good human-oriented experience to restaurant employees and consumers but also encourages more industries to practice green and low-carbon actions to accelerate the green transition.”