Pando Shines at Thaifex: Leading the Way in Sustainable Packaging

Pando, a prominent Chinese paper packaging manufacturing company, made a resounding impact at the Thailand Food Expo, showcasing its prowess in sustainable packaging and trailblazing solutions. The company’s participation in the event demonstrated its commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. Central to Pando’s offerings was their flagship product, WBBC (Water-Based Barrier Coating), which stole the […]

Pando Makes Waves with Eco-Friendly Packaging Showcase at Hong Kong Exhibition

Amid the ongoing plastic ban trend driven by the Hong Kong government, Pando has made a remarkable debut at an exhibition by showcasing its innovative Water Based Barrier Coating (WBBC) products. As the issue of plastic waste continues to escalate, the Hong Kong government recently introduced groundbreaking legislation. The new regulations mandate restaurants to phase […]