Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification: What’s it and How to Get it?

Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification: What's it and How to Get it?

Chain of Custody Certification (CoC), also known as “Chain of Custody Certification,” refers to a set of effective traceability and management mechanisms for every link in the forest resource production chain, including forest harvesting, timber processing, and wood product manufacturing. It ensures that the origin of the products is reliable, the production process is compliant […]

PE Coated Paper Cups and Containers

If you’re in the food industry, you’re likely familiar with PE-coated materials. Many businesses continue to use PE-coated paper cups and containers for their food and drink packaging. Whether it’s single-wall paper cups for cold drinks or double-wall cups for hot coffee, PE-coated cups are often the preferred choice, despite facing regulatory restrictions in some […]

PE vs PLA vs WBBC: Which One to Choose for Your Paper Cups?

Now you might not know how the paper cup works to hold your beverage or soggy food without leaking all over your hands. But surely you have heard about PE and PLA and how your cups are coated by them, even you know that these paper linings probably have something to do with our environment. […]

Single Wall vs Double Wall Coffee Cup

Every morning, millions of us share a common ritual: the first cup of coffee. It’s not just about the caffeine; it’s about the comfort, the aroma, and the warmth that kick-starts our day. But have you ever given a thought to the cup cradling your morning brew? Why do some takeaway coffee cups feel sturdier […]

Double-Walled Paper Cups vs. Styrofoam: Which is the Better Choice?

When it comes to choosing the best cup for your hot or cold drinks, you might find yourself stuck between double-walled paper cups and Styrofoam options. Both have their unique benefits, but which one truly stands out in terms of environmental friendliness, insulation capabilities, and overall user experience? Let’s dive into the details to see […]

Water-Based Barrier Coatings (WBBC): The Future Coatings to Make Paper Cups

Water-Based Barrier Coatings (WBBC): The Future Coatings to Make Paper Cups

Traditional oil-based coatings have raised significant environmental and health concerns due to their emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and associated hazards. In response, the Hong Kong government has banned all plastic-coated cups starting from May this year. As industries and consumers search for more sustainable alternatives, water-based barrier coatings have emerged as a leading […]

Earth Day 2024: Hong Kong’s Bold Move to Ban Plastic Utensils in Restaurants

Starting April 22, 2024, on Earth Day, Hong Kong’s new legislation will make it mandatory for restaurants to switch to environmentally friendly utensils, moving away from plastic ones. This decision, made by the city’s legislature, aims to address the significant issue of plastic waste, which is the second-largest type of municipal solid waste in Hong […]

Paper straw so bad? What’s the future for straw?

Plastic straws are not. After the sea turtle incident, it’s obvious we could choke the sea with as little as a plastic straw. Besides, for us, plastic straws are impossible to recycle; it’s simply impossible to collect back the disposed plastic straws. PLA straw is slightly better than paper straw; bio-based plastic is stronger and […]