Pando Partners with OurHarmony to Promote Eco-Friendly Packaging

Pando Partners with OurHarmony to Promote Eco-Friendly Packaging

Pando has become a key partner of OurHarmony in 2024, a leading brand in the light food and takeaway industry known for its commitment to environmental sustainability. OurHarmony is dedicated to advocating for the use of renewable materials in takeaway packaging, aligning perfectly with Pando’s mission of promoting green and sustainable packaging solutions. OurHarmony’s mission […]

Pando Little Migratory Bird Summer Camp Joyfully Sets Sail Today!

Pando Little Migratory Bird Summer Camp Joyfully Sets Sail Today!

At Pando, we believe our employees are family, and their children are an important part of that family. To make this summer special for these young ones, we’re excited to announce our “Little Migratory Birds” Summer Camp! Why “Little Migratory Birds”? Just as migratory birds travel to new places during different seasons, we want our […]

Pando’s Sustainable Packaging Solutions Shine at NRA Show

In an era where environmental consciousness is on the rise, Pando, a leading packaging solutions company, has made a resounding impact with their participation in the prestigious NRA (National Restaurant Association) Show. With a focus on eco-friendly packaging, Pando unveiled their impressive lineup, including the highly acclaimed WBBC water-based coating series. As governments around the […]

Ensuring Safety and Quality: Pando’s Commitment to QA and QC in Paper Food Packaging

Ensuring Safety and Quality: Pando's Commitment to QA and QC in Paper Food Packaging

In today’s global market, the safety and quality of food packaging are under intense scrutiny. Harmful substances in packaging materials are a significant concern for consumers and regulators alike. At Pando, we manufacture and supply paper food packaging, including paper cups, containers, and straws. Yet, we are deeply committed to maintaining the highest standards in […]

Pando Joins JFC Supplier Summit 2024, Paving the Way for Collaborative Growth

Pando recently seized a remarkable opportunity to partake in the esteemed Jollibee Foods Supplier Summit 2024, a highly anticipated event that holds great significance for JFC suppliers. Under the overarching theme of “Accelerating Growth Through Partnership,” the summit sought to cultivate collaboration and explore avenues for enriching customer experience and advancing technology. Here is a […]

Pando Makes Waves with Eco-Friendly Packaging Showcase at Hong Kong Exhibition

Amid the ongoing plastic ban trend driven by the Hong Kong government, Pando has made a remarkable debut at an exhibition by showcasing its innovative Water Based Barrier Coating (WBBC) products. As the issue of plastic waste continues to escalate, the Hong Kong government recently introduced groundbreaking legislation. The new regulations mandate restaurants to phase […]

Pando’s Participation in the Spring Canton Fair 2024!

Pando's Participation in the Spring Canton Fair 2024!

Hello and warm greetings to all our partners, clients, and future collaborators! We, Pando, a pioneering food packaging manufacturer, are thrilled to share that we will be participating in the upcoming Spring Canton Fair, scheduled from April 23rd to 27th at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. Our presence will be marked […]

Pando Celebrates New Year’s Day —— Extend Our Warmest Wishes to All

New Year’s Day, observed on January 1 according to the Gregorian calendar, holds profound significance as an official holiday in China. It ushers in the dawning of a brand new year, carrying with it the weight of tradition and a vibrant tapestry of cultural customs. Amidst this joyous season, Chinese individuals seize the opportunity to […]