Celebrating Nature’s Bounty and Promoting Environmental Action on Arbor Day

Arbor Day, a yearly tribute to the wonders of nature, beckons us to come together in a shared commitment to environmental stewardship. As conscientious members of society who cherish the Earth’s resources, we not only celebrate the vitality of plants and the importance of ecosystems but also advocate for each individual to contribute their part […]

Is PE Coated Paper Biodegradable?

In the world of packaging and disposable items, PE coated paper stands out for its durability and moisture resistance. Commonly used for coffee cups, takeaway food containers, and other quick-service items, PE (Polyethylene) coated paper has become a staple in our daily lives. But as we grow more conscious of our environmental footprint, a pressing […]

EU Initiatives and Member State Actions: The Battle Against Single-Use Plastics

Plastics are widespread in our economy known as cheap and durable. However, their increasing popularity has also led to an increasing amount of plastic waste, consequently affecting the environment and health. In response, the European Commission presented a strategy for plastics, which was welcomed by the Parliament in a resolution adopted in September 2018. As […]

Pando Celebrates Arbor Day – Tree Planting Event

March 12 is National Arbor Day. Planting trees to add a bit more green to the earth and also our factory is what Pando-ers have been doing for years. Planting trees symbolizes green development, which has been written into Pando corporate culture, and by planting trees and celebrating Arbor Day, we hope to cultivate environmental […]