Double Wall Hot Drinks Cups

Double wall hot drinks cups are specially designed disposable cups used primarily for serving hot beverages like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more. These cups are crafted with two layers of material—usually paper—with an air pocket or other insulating material between them. You can also customize double wall paper cups at Pando.

Key Features of Double Wall Hot Drinks Cups

Insulation: The primary advantage of the double-wall design is its superior insulation properties. The air gap between the two layers acts as a thermal barrier, helping to keep the beverage hot while making the cup comfortable to hold without the need for a separate sleeve.

Durability: These cups are generally more robust than single-wall cups. The added layer of material provides extra strength and stiffness, making the cup less likely to buckle or deform when filled with a hot liquid.

Safety: The insulation also reduces the risk of burns from holding a cup with a very hot drink, enhancing safety for users.

Environmental Impact: While traditionally made from paper, which might include a polyethylene lining for waterproofing, newer versions of double wall cups are being designed with more environmentally friendly materials, such as biodegradable or recyclable options. Some are even made from materials like PLA (polylactic acid), a bioplastic derived from renewable resources like corn starch.

Double wall hot drinks cups are popular in settings where take-away hot drinks are sold. Their enhanced functionality makes them a preferred choice for consumers and vendors alike, balancing convenience with comfort and safety. They are particularly favored during colder months when hot beverages are in high demand, and the insulation quality of the cup enhances the drink’s heat retention.

Are double wall coffee cups disposable?

Yes, they are designed to be disposable here at Pando. These cups are especially popular in coffee shops, restaurants, and events where hot beverages are served to-go. The double wall construction enhances their functionality by providing better insulation, which keeps the beverage hot longer while making the cup more comfortable to hold without an additional sleeve. Contact us for your double wall coffee cups!

What’s Special About Pando’s Double Wall Hot Drinks Cups?

Our double wall hot drink cups are made of high-quality recyclable paper pulps and are fully customizable based on your brand. Whether you need better coating materials like WBBC or branding design, we are able to provide you what you want. And more than that, Pando has our own factories based in China and Thailand, making all the double wall cups affordable and top notch.